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About us!

Barbara and Reinhard Luszcz under a palm tree Barbara and Reinhard Luszcz under a palm tree, 2015.

Responsible for the contents of this www-pages: Reinhard F. Luszcz


All statements made in this site represent my personal opinion, otherwise I would not have written it down. If you should have a problem with it, please let me know your problem, it will certainly find a solution. The entries in the guestbook and in the discussion forum are made by our visitors, so I can not be held responsible for the content. I can not be held responsible for the contents of the links on my pages, I dissociate myself expressly from the content of the links accessible to the links! (Poor justice in Germany!)

All photos were taken by me personally. If I have used pictures of different origins, this is indicated for each individual picture. If you want to use pictures, please note the following URL: "" with every picture, so it is enough! If there is a problem with copyright, please send me an e-mail. This also applies to other questions or hints.Thank you very much!

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