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EXPO 2000, the world exhibition in Hanover.

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EXPO 2000 Impressions

Reinhard F. Luszcz

Greetings from the EXPO 2000 at Hanover!

EXPO 2000: Game over!

This is a "Award-winning" web-site!

These pages I have created for you, to give you an impression of the sight that awaits the visitor at the EXPO 2000 in Hanover (Germany). As you may have learned by the media, there was not really a run to the EXPO 2000 in the first 6 weeks. This was ideal for us to gather information and to take pictures: enough people to populate the EXPO 2000 grounds and basically immediate entry to most pavilions.

But after the EXPO 2000 GmbH changed their price policy and the summer vacation began, the number of daily visitors climbed steadily. Now (August 16, 2000) waiting times in front of the favorite pavilions can last up to two hours. Even the media who so far only documented the financial mismanagement of the EXPO GmbH begins to discover that there is more to the EXPO 2000 than bad news and scandals. The grapevine even tells people that the trip to Hanover is really worth it despite what they might have read or heard in the television.

So finally the big investment costs for highways, streets, trams / streetcars, parking spaces and so on in Hanover and the whole area around begin to be justified by the amount of guests from everywhere. And they were well done, the traffic moves without trouble!

If the number of visitors will actually grow up to the expected 350.000 per day, you will have to wait for the entry to almost every place on the EXPO 2000.

Since you couldn't explore the EXPO 2000 in only one day in the beginning, it will now take even longer. There's just too much to see! The EXPO grounds are too large for one day, you would be probably worn out just from walking by the afternoon. It's reasonable to say that after two days you will get a good overview to be able to choose which part of the theme park or which pavilions you want to discover.

Please note: All statements made in this site are my own, because I wrote them for you! If you have any problems with any of my statements, please tell me, and I will try to find a solution for it.
All pictures in this site where made by me. If you want to use any pictures, please annotate each picture with the following URL: "", and that's it! If there are any problem with copyright or something like this, report it to me with an e-mail. The same is true, if you have any questions or hints for me! Thanks a lot for visiting my site!

Attention: Most of the texts and explanations of the pictures are now available in english as well. However, I beg your pardon, if there are errors in the translated text elements, but the english language is not my mother tongue! I am sure, you will find correctable errors, be so kind and report these bugs to me!

PS: If you go to "sitemap" in the top navigation bar, you will find the already translated pages with short description in english and the word "pictures" instead of "Bilder". Hopefully this hint will help you!

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News: The EXPO 2000, a historic event for Germany.
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This pages are award-winning by the German Pavilion.
All shown pictures are taken in june-august and october 2000 and will be expanded!

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