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EXPO 2000 U.A.E. - Pavilion

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates built a large pavilion in the South of the east ground. On the first two days they even had camels (mother and child), which had to be sent to a zoo because several visitors didn't respect them and touched them everywhere.

The sand in the yard was flown to Hanover from the U.A.E.! Walking on the original Arab sand, don't be surprised to have Arab feelings creeping up...

And don't miss the exhibition, it's sure to provide some surprises. The entrance to the exhibition is left to the main entrance.

picture legend picture legend
entrance pavilionEntrance to the pavilion of the United Arab Emirates. View in the yardIn the yard the visitors can try smoking water pipes.
View out of the pavilionAt the end of the tour you re-enter the yard. picture of the exhibitionThe exhibition in the pavillion is well arranged. Several things were surprising and some I did expect. Here is a picture of the main income source of the U.A.E..
yardThis lady provides a special treatment for female visitors ... henna tattoosWith a little patience you will receive a henna tattoo.
V.A.E. logoWith a paste containing henna the symbol or the letters are painted on the skin. It needs to dry for about 20 minutes. V.A.E. logoAfter removing the dried paste you will have a tattoo that will last about 10 days.
in the eveningThe desert fort in the evening sun. My wife says the picture is not clear enough, but I like it! in the eveningIt seems as if the sand is blown around the tower but these are only the shadows of the visitors!
tricksThe nicely illuminated side wall, but these visitors...! tricksIf you expose long enough the visitors are gone!
entranceThe shadows creep higher and higher, but at the U.A.E. the lights are turned on... entrance...even in different colours!

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