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Barbara and Reinhard F. Luszcz

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Baking Cheesecake: Charlotte
GPS - Tracks GPS - Tracks, mainly around Hanover.
High Blood Pressure High Blood Pressure:
Prevent high blood pressure, a widespread disease! Here you can enter and evaluate your measured blood pressure values. Take a look at the information. However, you need a blood pressure monitor, otherwise it won't help! In addition, you can enter and evaluate your weight and steps. And you can use up to 5 of your own fields, for example: sport, medication or whatever you want!
Overweight Overweight:
Reinhard Luszcz: I am too heavy. Obesity and overweight and what success I achieved! In addition, my high blood pressure is reduced by reducing my weight.
Breast cancer Breast cancer: Experienced and written by Barbara Luszcz.
Prostate carcinoma Prostate cancer / Prostatectomy: Experienced and written by Reinhard F. Luszcz.
COVID-19 vaccination Corona / COVID-19:
The vaccination with AstraZeneca, received and development written up by Reinhard F. Luszcz. A kind of diary about this vaccination.
Travels Germany, France, Italy, Spain
EXPO2000 EXPO 2000 Impressions of a visitor. More than 750 pictures!
Words Keyword collection for computers, now historical.
download Everything you can download from our sites.
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